EDPR Mentorship Program

We want to develop the methodology for Mentorship Programs that focuses on future business leaders, e-leadership, current and future entrepreneurs, and current and future digital business professionals. These topics are at the core of our mentorship philosophy, which targets the following potential users; students from VET and Adult Education Schools and Universities, young people just entering the labour market; young people with fewer opportunities; and trainers of VET and Adult Education Schools, Universities and Businesses. Leading organisation: Centre d´estudis Prat

O5/T1 Design and methodology for mentorship programs focused on future business e-leaderships
O5/T2 Finalization and translation of the methodology

The Mentorship Program can be accessed through the Homepage via the Chatbot.

You can also find the supporting documents in e-book format at homepage in O5 development. We were focused on 3 spheres:

E-leadership – Future Digital Business Leaders

Entrepreneurship (ICT innovation)

Career Guidance

Leading organisation:

Centre d´estudis Prat


Czech, Greek, Spanish, English


1. 1. 2019 – 30. 4. 2020

Welcome to EDPR Project
Welcome to EDPR