Finalization of the project

The project was successfully finished in the end of February 2021. All project outputs you can find on the project website at homepage.

Open Tech Trends

We present the Open Tech Trends: Observatory e-Jobs curated by the EDPR project’s partners. An online Observatory that intends to highlight evidence in the area of innovation in education, and digital professions related to the digital sector, especially in the following research projects: Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation Trends, New Digital Professions, Labour Market Trends, and Current and Future Digital Jobs.

Briefing papers and Observatory e- jobs is available at hompage as the part of O6.

EDPR Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program can be accessed through the Homepage via the Chatbot. You can also find the supporting documents in e-book format at homepage in O5 development. We were focused on 3 spheres:

E-leadership – Future Digital Business Leaders

Entrepreneurship (ICT innovation)

Career Guidance


EDPR Exchange program

During O4 we have developed the syllabus of the workhop supporting the exchange, share and transfer of the digital knowledge. The syllabus is available in all partner languages and English. All partners have realized the national workshops in their countries to pilot test the syllabus.

You can find the syllabus here.


Digital professionals

We present the Top 25 Digital Professionals Interviews curated by the EDPR project’s partners. Twenty-five professionals interviewed from Greece, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Portugal. Talking about their jobs, training, and relevant competences required to work in this specific field, among other topics in video format.

Digital Competence Framework

We present the Digital Competence Framework videos. Five videos created by the EDPR project’s partners to further explain each one of the competence areas.


We have developed the profiles of 25 digital profession, you can find the link to the Youtube Channel, where are the Digital Professionals’ videos.

2nd meeting Barcelona, Spain

…planned for 10.-11.6.2019…  Second transnational meeting of the EDPR project was realized in Barcelona, meeting was situated in the Centre d`Estudies Prat. Several presentation about actual progress, closing of the first output and work distribution as a start of the second output – a lot of work, but also more connections between the partners.

Kick off meeting Prague, CZE

First transnational meeting of the EDPR project in Prague, meeting was situated in the office of the coordinator – EuroProfis. Introduction of the partners, set of presentations and list of tasks for all partners – meeting in a nutshell.

Project START!

If you want to know more about the EDPR project, go to About us or Outputs on homepage.

Welcome to EDPR Project
Welcome to EDPR